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May 2022


Have you ever wondered what the three letters that follow your dentist’s name stand for? If your dentist is a DMD, then he or she… Read More »DMD


Denturists are dental professionals who specialize in the fit, design, construction and repair of dentures. If you’ve never heard of a denturist, it may be… Read More »Denturists


Scared of Needles? According to the American Dental Association, some 10 million people avoid the dentist due to a fear of needles — and understandably… Read More »DentiPatch®

Dental Surgery

If your dentist recommends dental surgery for a problem in your mouth, teeth or jaws, it’s easy to understand why you might be a little… Read More »Dental Surgery

Dental Plans

Dental plans have become a hot topic! With issues such as health care reform and the rising cost of dental care, dental insurance plans are… Read More »Dental Plans

Dental Microsurgery

If you’ve watched any television lately, you probably noticed how modern technology has enhanced your viewing pleasure. High definition television has given us a better… Read More »Dental Microsurgery