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Tooth Decay

You’ve probably heard it called many things: cavities, dental caries, baby bottle tooth decay. But no matter what it’s called, tooth decay isn’t fun. Tooth… Read More »Tooth Decay


It’s a common problem: That sensitivity you felt in your teeth a few days ago has turned into a full-blown toothache. If you’re embarrassed you’ve… Read More »Toothaches

TMJ Disorders

Overview More than 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders, making these painful jaw conditions surprisingly common. Although they both affect men and women, the… Read More »TMJ Disorders

Prophy Jet

One of the many benefits of keeping your regularly schedule dental appointments is the undeniable freshness you feel after a professional dental cleaning. Try as… Read More »Prophy Jet


There are many specialties within the dental profession. A pedodontist is one such specialty; this type of doctor works solely with children and is dedicated… Read More »Pedodontist