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Permanent Teeth

Most people come equipped with two sets of teeth during their life: baby teeth and permanent teeth. You can protect permanent teeth by continuing the… Read More »Permanent Teeth

Root Canal

Rusted Roots? It’s understandable you’d be concerned — maybe even scared — about the possibility of having a root canal procedure. Over the years, root… Read More »Root Canal

Silent Nite

It’s one thing to be kept awake at night from outside noise. It’s quite another thing to be jarred out of sleep by the sound… Read More »Silent Nite


America has a reputation for having extraordinarily high levels of obesity, but despite the extra chunk, majorities of people are suffering from vitamin deficiencies. It… Read More »Vitamins

Wisdom Teeth

Having wisdom teeth removed has become almost a right of passage for young adults. That’s because by the time wisdom teeth make their appearance —… Read More »Wisdom Teeth


Do you or anyone you know avoid the dentist at all costs? This dental anxiety and fear is so common it has even been given… Read More »Waterlase