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da Vinci Veneers


A Work of Art

Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” In dentistry, Da Vinci Veneers can really set your smile straight.

Da Vinci Veneers are ultra-thin shells of tooth-colored ceramic that are bonded to your teeth in order to mask stains, gaps or chips. So if your teeth have become lackluster or you’re ready to redesign your smile, daVinci Veneers just might be the answer.Why Choose Da Vinci Veneers?

Lucky for us, modern cosmetic dentistry offers choices. A lot of them. And yet, with all the choices, laminate porcelain dental veneers are still the second most requested porcelain restoration in the United States.

Da Vinci Veneers have been on the cosmetic dentistry landscape for more than 25 years and is one of the most trusted brands of porcelain (ceramic) veneers.

Ultimately, your budget and your dentist’s recommendations will play a big part in what type of veneers you choose to fix your smile, but you might prefer Da Vinci Veneers because they:

  • Are highly resistant to permanent staining
  • Require little to no anesthesia during placement
  • Look very natural

The Da Vinci Veneers Procedure

Generally, the Da Vinci Veneers procedure takes about three visits — not bad for something that can greatly improve the way others look at you and the way you look at yourself.

The procedure is done right in your dentist’s office and involves three steps:

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning — This is when you should discuss your smile objectives with your dentist or cosmetic dentist who will then examine your teeth and devise a dental treatment plan specifically for you.

Preparation — Your dentist will “prep” your teeth by removing about a millimeter off of each tooth that will receive a daVinci Veneer. This is necessary to allow room for the veneer. A mold will be made of your teeth and then sent to an off-site laboratory where your custom-made veneers will be made in about two weeks.

Bonding — During this appointment, your dentist will check your veneers for fit and color. Adjustments are made as needed, then your dentist will cement the veneers into place using a special curing light.

Both general dentists and cosmetic dentists offer Da Vinci Veneers. As with any dental treatment — cosmetic or not — you should discuss your smile goals with a dentist you trust.