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Day White Teeth Whitening


Most of us spend our day hours at work. Or with the kids. Some of us are still in school. No matter what you do during the day, teeth whitening is probably not one of your usual activities. But it can be.

According to Discus Dental®, the distributors of Day White®, this teeth whitening system allows you to revive your smile in just 30 minutes, twice a day — no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit

Let’s face it, we’re a do-it-yourself culture. Doing something yourself can save you money and time. That could be one reason why people might prefer a take-home tooth whitening kit such as Day White.

Day White teeth whitening kits include dual-barrel syringes that are filled with flavored whitening gel. The whitening gel contains 7.5% – 9.5% hydrogen peroxide, as well as amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) and potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity and increase gloss.

Whether you want to put Day White ACP to the test or are ready to jump right in, you can choose from five different kits:

Single-Use Kit — Good for 1.5 days of use.

Mini Kit — Good for 4.5 days of use.

Starter Kit — Good for 6 days of use.

Standard Kit — Good for 9 days of use.

Deluxe Kit — Good for 13.5 days of use.

Day White dental products are portable and ready for immediate use, but don’t forget a mouth tray — ask your cosmetic dentist to design a custom one for you.

The Advantages of Day White

Some take-home tooth whitening systems require up to eight hours of your night, while Day White requires just one hour a day. Day White’s ACP technology is also specially designed to reduce gum and tooth sensitivity. Moreover, Day White comes in a cool mint flavor — so if taste matters, Day White teeth whitening could be right for you. Talk to a dentist about your teeth whitening options