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Dental Treatments- Endontic Retreatment


When most people think about cosmetic dentistry, they imagine veneers, dental braces, teeth whitening or a tooth extraction. But your dentist can also perform lesser-known, relatively simple procedures that may significantly improve the look of your smile. One such procedure is called enamel shaping.

Enamel shaping is an effective method to correct the look of misshapen, oversized, rough or uneven teeth. What makes enamel shaping so simple is that it only involves removing or restructuring a small portion of the outer surface of the teeth to create a smooth, uniform appearance. The process is quick and comfortable and the results can be seen in minutes.Who Needs It Anyway?

Enamel shaping is a perfect solution for many irregularities in the shape or texture of your teeth. It is particularly well-suited for patients who wish to correct minor problems such as uneven front teeth, small chips or surface flaws, canine teeth that come to dramatic points, teeth that appear too long, minor overcrowding or an unbalanced smile due to irregularly shaped teeth.

In most cases, enamel shaping is completed in only one dental appointment. This means that unlike many cosmetic procedures that require temporaries and multiple appointments, the results are immediate. And because such a small portion of the tooth surface is removed, the procedure is usually pain free with no local anesthesia or sedation dentistry needed. You can get in and out of the chair in no time at all and be on your way with a beautiful smile.A Winning Combination

Many dentists will combine enamel shaping with cosmetic dental bonding. This allows for the teeth to be perfectly reshaped and achieve a flawless surface appearance. If your teeth are too crowded to be completely repaired with enamel shaping, your dentist may also combine the treatment with other traditional dental procedures.

Remember, enamel reshaping results are immediate, but they’re also permanent. Be sure to communicate with your cosmetic dentist to determine the right dental treatment for both your cosmetic goals and your dental care needs. And as with all cosmetic procedures, it’s important to properly care for your teeth after your treatment to ensure your new smile stays healthy and beautiful for years to come.