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Geneva 2000 Dentures

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The Art of Dentures

It’s true, some dentures look like false teeth. But once you see Geneva 2000™ Smile Design Dentures, you might change your mind. So what makes Geneva 2000 dentures different from standard dentures?

To start, they’re made differently. Careful measurements are taken of your natural anterior teeth, including the length of the central, laterals, and canines. Your gum line is also measured (to replicate the amount of tooth structure showing), as are key facial features. Even your age, sex, personality and skin tone are taken into consideration. Such attention to detail translates into exceptional customization.

The teeth on Geneva 2000 dentures are literally worlds apart from standard denture teeth: They’re imported from Switzerland and made of high-quality, layered porcelain that mimics the transparency and translucency of natural teeth. Each tooth is individually hand-finished to create different shapes. The superior results are hard to match!

According to Geneva Dental Systems, the makers of Geneva 2000 dentures, porcelain denture teeth are also:

  • Resistant to dental abrasion
  • Color stable
  • Resistant to dental plaque and bacterial buildup

The Complete Package

Your dentures dentist and lab technician work together to create a set of truly customized Geneva 2000 dentures. Without these tools, however, customization wouldn’t be possible:

Geneva 2000 Alameter and Papillameter — The first step of your personalized denture smile design involves detailed measurements of your facial and mouth structure. The Altimeter and Papillameter are used to create the aesthetic guidelines for your Geneva 2000 dentures.

Geneva 2000 Vertical Centric Recorder — Ever wonder how your dentist gets dentures to fit properly? For standard dentures, patients bite into a wax block, which records the vertical dimension and centric relation (read: your jaw and bite measurements). This technique is inexact, however, and can sometimes result in aesthetic and functional flaws. The Geneva 2000 Vertical Centric Recorder is an advanced dental device that takes accurate measurements of your jaw and bite relation. Geneva Dental Systems maintain that this precision helps remedy issues that poorly fit dentures can cause, such as headaches and TMJ or TMD pain. A better fit also means that your dentures are less likely to “float,” another common problem that standard denture wearers face.

Geneva 2000 dental professionals are also trained in the artistry of tooth placement, one of the most important factors in creating a natural-looking smile.

Unique, Not Uniform

Over 40 million Americans wear dentures daily, and studies have shown that about 80 percent of them would like more customization than standard dentures offer. Are you one of them?

With Geneva 2000 dentures, you don’t have to settle for the uniform look of standard dentures; your dentures will be one-of-a-kind.