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Opalescence Boost Whitening System

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Already known for its take-home gel and prefilled, disposable trays, Opalescence has made its mark in the teeth whitening industry. But now Opalescence is giving you another bleaching option with Boost whitening, its in-office teeth whitening system. Created by Ultradent, Inc., Opalescence Boost is described by its makers as “an in-office, chemically activated whitening treatment that offers results in about an hour.” Its prescription-strength formula is stronger than many over-the-counter whitening products to help you achieve results quickly.

The Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System is an “alternative, conservative method for treating dark, discolored teeth,” which may be used to treat some tooth stains caused by intrinsic factors, including dental fluorosis, tetracycline and trauma. The difference between Opalescence’s in-office system and other chairside whitening systems is its chemically-activated gel, which eliminates the need for dental lasers or lights normally used to activate the process. That means no heat or ultraviolet rays, which could be beneficial to patients with sensitive teeth or dry mouth.

How Boost Whitening Works

Opalescence Boost is a unique formula that is not activated until it is used. It uses a syringe-to-syringe mixing system that keeps the formula fresh and helps the product mix evenly. Unlike other teeth whitening gels, which often must be applied by quadrant, Opalescence Boost whitening gel can be used to treat one or more teeth — or even a section of one tooth!

Opalescence Boost consists of two syringes: The first contains 38 percent hydrogen peroxide, the active tooth whitening ingredient. The second syringe contains fluoride and potassium nitrate (PF), which helps strengthen tooth enamel, reduce sensitivity and protect against cavities. When mixed, the gel produces a distinct red color to help ensure correct placement and full removal of the product. Boost whitening also replaces the need for the rubber dam with its OpalDam® gingival barrier, an adhesive resin that creates a barrier between your teeth and gums to protect the soft tissues of your mouth from irritation.

Safe and effective, Opalescence Boost usually takes only one dental visit to complete. The entire process is supervised by a dentist to ensure your safety. While one visit is all you need to achieve a brighter smile, difficult stains or extreme discoloration may require additional treatments.

The Boost Whitening Process

Before your whitening appointment, Ultradent recommends you remove calculus and extrinsic stains with a dental cleaning to maximize effectiveness. Since dental restorations can’t be bleached; it’s also recommended that you use Opalescence Boost whitening before placing porcelain dental crowns or veneers.

The treatment time for Boost whitening is approximately 1-2 hours, including preparation:

  • Your gums are pulled pack and a tongue protector is placed. Your dentist will give you protective eyewear to wear during the procedure.
  • Saliva is removed by suction and your teeth are air dried.
  • The OpalDam® is applied to protect gums. A curing light is used to harden the dam for easier removal.
  • Your dentist mixes the two gels at chairside.
  • The gel is placed on the outer surface of your teeth.
  • Your dentist may stir the gel on your teeth periodically for optimal effectiveness.
  • After 15 minutes, the gel is suctioned away to avoid any of it getting on soft tissues of your mouth.
  • Once all of the gel is removed, your mouth is rinsed and the process is repeated.

Opalescence Boost whitening typically requires three to four applications for a total treatment time of 60 minutes. After each session, your dentist will be able to determine your shade level and whether another application is necessary. If additional whitening is needed and no sensitivity is reported, you may have additional treatment three days following your initial procedure. Any leftover product can be also stored in a refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Opalescence Boost and More!

For optimal results, Boost whitening may also be combined with a take-home whitening kit. Opalescence also offers several types of after-care dental products to keep your smile looking bright, including toothpastes, toothbrushes and toothpicks. Because there are no expensive lasers for your dentist to purchase, you may find that Opalescence Boost costs less that other in-office whitening systems.

Boost whitening is one of a variety of Opalescence tooth whitening systems, including Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme prepackaged whitening trays and Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels, which use various levels of carbamide peroxide to meet individual bleaching needs. Like all Opalescence teeth whitening systems, Opalescence Boost whitening is only available at a dentist’s office.